Tips to Ensure you Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home when You Travel this Winter

If you are like some people, you may want to get through the colder months as quickly as possible by looking to escape on a holiday. This is the reason winter is a popular time of year to travel. But, while you will be excited to pack for your trip and buy new holiday clothes, you need to consider any possible interactions with bed bugs. Why bed bug? Failure to take necessary precautions can lead to an unforgettable holiday for the wrong reasons. In fact, you may end up helping to infest your own home with these critters. To minimize the chances of encountering bed bugs while traveling in winter, keep the following tips in mind:

What to Do Before Packing

Before you start packing, give your suitcase a quick inspection. Check the cracks and corners where bed bugs may hide. Even if the bugs have not spread to the rest of your house, they could be surviving inside your empty suitcase. If bed bugs are found, have your suitcase treated. Call a professional to help you with it. Exterminators have access to effective solutions for bed bugs you might not be able to find in stores.

What to Do when you Arrive at your Destination

Once you arrive at your vacation home or hotel room, check the space right away. Keep in mind that previous guests may have left behind some bugs. Particularly in bigger hotels, a bug infestation can be hard for hotel staff to discover immediately so you must do your own check. Before you start unpacking your staff, check the curtains, chair and sofa cushions, and the headboard. Then, pull back the bedsheets and check the mattress’ corners. Don’t forget to check the seams and any springs. Look for any cluster of dark spots or bed bug skins. If you are still worried about a possible infestation, consider storing your luggage on the luggage rack as bed bugs cannot climb it up.

If you discover bed bugs, remove your luggage and inform the hotel staff about it immediately. Request to stay in a new room, particularly one in a different location in the hotel.

What to Do when you Head Home

Hopefully, you have been able to enjoy your vacation without having to deal with bed bugs. However, bed bugs might still follow you home even if you did not see them. That is why you must check your suitcase and the items inside it before you bring the issue indoors. Wash and dry the clothing you took away with you. Also, steam the  luggage with a hand steamer.