How Much Your New Air Conditioner Will Cost?

Due to global warming, the temperature of almost every place is increasing considerably and it is really very difficult to bear the summer season without installing any room air conditioners.

In some of places of the USA too becomes too unbearable during summer seasons and if your AC unit breaks down due to any reason then people either try to repair or replace the unit.

However, while buying any new AC the first question that will cross our mind is how much is a new air conditioner going to cost? Besides the cost of the unit, you also need to consider its installation charges too.

The price of any air conditioner may be different from model to model and also the brand that you choose. However, keeping in mind all the necessary features required for any typical air conditioner, you must have a budget of around $5000 to $7500.

You may also find few cheaper air conditioners which is based on your own cooling needs.

Besides the original cost of the unit, you must also consider the following costs in addition to your budget.

  • Installation costs

Any new air conditioner will need additional labor cost for its installation. Besides installation there are various other labor costs which will also be required that is based on location where you are going to install your AC unit.

You may need certain additional materials depending upon the condition and location of the room and also if there is any ducting requirement at the site.

  • Monthly expenses

After the air conditioner has been installed, you also have to consider the running cost for your home cooling. There are number of factors that will decide the actual cost.

British Thermal Units which is known as BTU is related to capacity and energy required for cooling the area.

As an example, an area which is about 700 – 1,000 square feet will need 18,000 BTUs/hour. If the size of your room is larger, then more BTUs will be needed, and you will consume more power.

  • Single stage vs. 2- stage air conditioners

This concerns about how your unit will power up. Any single stage unit will always operate at its full capacity. Two stage units will build up power and increase to its maximum power only when it is needed.

Such units can save costs on power and can also reduce noise.

Few other factors, like drafts and lack of insulation in your home, may also drive up your monthly cooling bill as cold air may escape.