Do’s and Don’ts Associated with Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bug issues can turn a person insane because of the constant itch, insufficient sleep at night, red welt and you keep thinking that there is a bed bug everywhere in the home furniture, under the car seat and even beneath your office desk. This is a desperate point, where you are willing to try any solution to eliminate these small parasites.

Wait! Think calmly!

Getting rid of punaises de lit [bedbugs] takes time and patience. To keep your head cool is a little eluding at the moment but below are some do’s and don’ts that can be useful.

Is it a bed bug?

If you find a bed bug and there are also other strong signs like raised or flat welts, feel of itchiness, reddish stains on the bed-sheet, empty exoskeletons and more, it indicates there is an infestation.

Don’t panic!

Do ensure to have a confirmation from professionals. Get a scotch tape to capture this little burglar and stick it to a white paper piece. Show it to the local professional for confirmation. It can even be a piece of good evidence for your landlord.

Don’t spray pesticides instantly! It is a human instinct to kill them but you will be able to hit a few of the bugs directly. Pesticides are risky and lethal. Let the professionals from the pest control handle them.

Do use non-toxic sprays or effective home remedies. Some home remedies are hazardous like rubbing yourself with gasoline or kerosene or alcohol, so avoid such suggestions.

Don’t soak mattress in bleach. The bed bugs may get killed but the mattress will also smell of bleach. Therefore stick to effective and proven safe ways to eliminate bed bugs.

Don’t leave your house and stay at friends for some days. The bed bugs will not get eliminated from your home because they can live for a year without feeding on blood. On the other hand, you will be responsible to transport bed bug infestation.

Do call pest control professionals or exterminator to kill the bed bugs infesting your home.

Don’t move your sleeping quarters to the sofa. It is a tempting solution to escape from uncomfortable itches and sleeplessness. You will just be responsible to allow the buggers to migrate with you and so their spread gets widened.

If you feel that throwing away the mattress is a good idea because it is severely infested then it is a sensible thing. First, wrap it in plastic before you move it out. Mark it as un-useable or spray on it BED BUGS, so that people don’t scoop it to reuse.